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Weight and Balance

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Weight and Balance Calculator

Cessna 172M

Loading Worksheet

Weight and Balance Computation
Arm (ins) Moment
Basic empty weight
(including unusable fuel and full oil)
1445   57.33
Usable fuel - - enter weight in pounds
(38 gallons maximum - - 6 lbs/gal)
Pilot and front passenger
(station 34 to 46)
Rear passengers
(station 73)
Baggage area 1
(station 82 to 108, 120 lbs max)
Baggage area 2
(station 108 to 142, 50 lbs max)

Ramp Weight and Moment

Ramp fuel allowance:
- - engine start, taxi, & runup (1 gal.)
-6.0 48 -0.29

Take-Off Weight & Moment

(maximum weight 2300 lbs)
Center of Gravity/Moment Envelope Moments
Envelope Width at Take-off Weight: Min: Max:
CG Location:

Loading Limits Graph

Weight and Balance Envelope Graph

Loading Arrangements

Weight and Balance Interiror Layout

* Arm for Pilot or passenger center of gravity on adjustable seats positioned for average occupant (used in above W&B Calculator). Number in parentheses indicate forward and aft limits of occupant center of gravity range

** Arm Measured to center of areas shown. These values are used in the above W&B calculator

NOTE: The rear cabin wall (appoximate station 108) or aft baggage wall (approximate station 142) can be used as a convenient interior reference points for determining the location of baggage area fuselage stations.

Weight and Balance Notes:

  1. The Weight and Balance Calculator is based on the most recent weight and balance values for Schodack Aviation's Cessna 172M N9492H (as per the most recent annual) using the values and formulas published in the Cessna Skyhawk 172M Pilots Operating Handbook and in the aircraft weight and balance doucments.

  2. Key Weights:

    Maximum Gross:
    2300 Lbs.
    Basic Empty:
    1445 Lbs. (current as of April 2007)
    Usable Load:
    855 Lbs.
    Recommended Maximum Ramp Weight
    2307 Lbs.
    Maximum Takeoff Weight
    2300 Lbs.
    Maximum Landing Weight (inferred)
    2300 Lbs.
  3. Fluids

    • Fuel
      42 gallons
      38 gallons
    • Oil
      8 quarts
      Minimum for Operation:
      6 quarts

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