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Welcome  to the World Wide Web site of the Schodack Aviation Association, Inc.

We are a member-owned flying club located in the capital region of New York state, based at South Albany Airport (4B0, ALB 205°/10.9 miles) in the Town of Bethlehem (Selkirk to the post office), and is currently seeking new members. This web site is a resource for our members, providing pertinent aviation-related information, including the following:

Membership is open to student & current pilots, holding at least a Recreational certificate, to those who wish to become pilots and to those who just simply enjoy the benefits that general aviation has to offer.

Schodack Aviation Association, Inc. members enjoy two well maintained aircraft: An IFR equipped 1975 Cessna 172/M and a 1977 Cessna 152. Each aircraft can be scheduled using our 24/7 online and/or telephone scheduler. Hourly time rates of the aircraft are billed on the engine tachometer, rather than the faster running Hobbs meter. Please see our Checklists, Forms, & Other Information page to see the specific "attractive" hourly wet rates of the aircraft.

In addition to recreational general aviation flying, Schodack Aviation Association, Inc. encourages its members to always maintain pilot proficiency & to pursue additional ratings, as flight instruction is available. Flight instruction can also be provided to members in good standing, using club aircraft with a CFI that is not a club member after approval by the executive board. Our web-master is an instrument & multi-engine instructor (who also holds and ATP with over 6000 hrs PIC) available for biennial flight reviews, instrument competency checks, and other instruction.

Upon joining Schodack Aviation Association, Inc., each member will deposit a one time fee of $2,750.00 for a share of the club. Upon resigning from the club members will receive $2,400 of their equity returned, provided another member takes their place. Monthly dues are $75.00 per month.

Schodack Aviation Association, Inc. generally meets on the second Monday of the month at South Albany Airport at 7:00 P.M. (however locations do change periodically). For more information, please contact or

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