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Width*Height Preview Utilities

This isn't that hard.

This frame has the dimensions indicated on the horizontal and verticle index bars in the frames above and to the left. To use this to preview a page or site, do the following:

  1. First, set the window to "window" and not "full-screen" (the little window box at the top-right of the window).
  2. Second, drag the window (from any corner, but the bottom-right may be easiest) to the desired dimensions as indicated on those rulers.
  3. Third, open a new window . . . OPEN . . . and then adjust that new window's size so that it fits (snugly) within the borders of this one frame.

    The easiest way to do that is to drag the lower right corner of the new window to the lower right (inside) corner of this frame, and the upper left corner of the new window to the upper-right (inside) corner of this frame -- easy!

NOTE: except for the external links to CSS, WAI, and Bobby, all links, including the xhtml and CSS validator links, remain framed.

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